Cottage and Seasonal

We protect your slice of paradise

Finding insurance for your cottage or seasonal home can be challenging. Since properties such as cottages and other seasonal homes are often unoccupied during the winter months, they are far more prone to theft and vandalism. Additionally, cottages are frequently located far from fire stations, and in the event of an outbreak of fire, the property is more likely to be involved in a total loss. Cottages or seasonal homes are therefore listed on your primary home insurance policy as a "Secondary" or "Seasonal" properties. For that reason, when shopping for cottage or seasonal home insurance, it’s best to start by building a policy for your primary residence.

At Rowat Insurance, our specialty is insuring your home and cottage as we can cross reference insurance between both provinces.

We’ll work closely with you to produce the most suitable policy to safeguard your primary and secondary properties, as well as everything and everyone in them. In the event of an incident involving your cottage or seasonal home, you can find comfort in knowing that your properties have coverage in place.

Our expertise in insurance extends to the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, so if you happen to have a home in one province and a seasonal home or cottage in the other, rest assured that we’ll still be able to protect both properties. Our coverage may include minor and major repairs, complete rebuilds stemming from a natural or man-made disaster resulting in a total loss, and also coverage in the event of belongings in your seasonal home or cottage being taken from burglary (as well as compensation for necessary repairs).

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