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Ontario and Quebec Insurance Brokers

Whether you need to protect your home, business, vehicle, or retirement, you’re working to safeguard your future. Rowat Insurance can help guide you on the right path. Contact us today to begin and brighten your horizons.

Home insurance

Our home insurance plans are competitively priced and focused on safeguarding your home to the fullest extent in the event of a mishap or unexpected crisis.

With home insurance, you can avoid having to pay out of pocket for these unfortunate circumstances. You can be comforted knowing that our Ottawa Insurance brokers have your best interest in mind.

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Auto insurance

Auto insurance coverage is available to help you in the event of an accident or injury resulting from events beyond your control.

Our auto insurance plans are tailored to your unique needs and budget. Our insurance brokers sort through hundreds of auto insurance coverages with several companies until we find the one that’s perfect for you. Policies can include liability coverage, accident benefits, comprehensive and collision coverage, and more.

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Commercial insurance

Commercial insurance options are available for business owners seeking to protect their investments, employees, and customers.

Our team of experts understands that you only want the best for your business, which is why we offer flexible coverage options to cater to your individual situation.

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Commercial Insurance
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Cottage and seasonal insurance

Cottage insurance provides comprehensive coverage for various risks, including fire damage, theft, vandalism, liability, and natural disasters specific to Ontario and Quebec.

With the unpredictable nature of weather and the occasional challenges faced by cottage properties, having a reliable insurance policy in place provides peace of mind, ensuring that cottage owners can continue cherishing their retreat without worries.

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Tenant insurance

Tenant insurance in Ontario and Quebec provides essential protection for tenants in case of damages or losses related to their rented dwelling. This form of insurance generally covers risks such as fires, water damage, and theft.

Whether it's an apartment, a house, or a condo, getting tenant insurance ensures peace of mind for tenants, knowing that they are financially protected in case of unforeseen events.

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Life and Health insurance

Rowat Insurance also offers Life and Health Insurance to assist you when managing your future and well-being.

Life and health insurance provides you and your family financial security in the event that a tragedy occurs. Keep your family protected by getting coverage today.

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Retirement advice

Managing your finances during retirement can be tricky. At Rowat Insurance, we want to help you plan for your retirement. That’s why we provide Retirement Advice for everything from managing estates and RRSPs to pensions and spending responsibly. Reach out for our expert advice today.

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Travel insurance

Make sure you have coverage while away from home for worry-free travelling. Our travel insurance makes sure that you are protected wherever you go. Whether you’re travelling solo or in a big group, it’s important to take this step beforehand so you can enjoy your trip with absolute peace of mind.

Travel insurance
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Your Ottawa and Gatineau insurance brokers

At Rowat Insurance, we pride ourselves on being chosen as your Ottawa insurance brokers. From home and auto insurance to retirement advice and everything in between, we make sure we cover all of the bases so that you can live your life stress-free.

Our team of licensed insurance brokers is here to help you in all aspects of life. While working together, we will find the best coverage plan for you at a cost that makes sense. Currently unsatisfied with your insurance plan? We are here to listen and give you our expert advice.

We offer both immediate and detailed quotes for auto and property coverage. For our other coverage plans, our insurance brokers will ask for a more in-depth look into your situation. Contact us today to book an appointment, get a quote, or for expert advice.

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Emergency claims assistance

At Rowat Insurance, we recognize that accidents and emergencies happen that are outside of our control. With our Emergency Claims Assistance service, we are able to assist you outside of our regular business hours.

Frequently asked questions

What is a registered insurance broker?

A registered insurance broker is an independent insurance professional. Brokers sell general insurance including coverage for home, business, automobile, farm, boat, ATV, life, and otherwise. In Ontario, insurance brokers are governed by the Registered Insurance Brokers Act of Ontario.

What is the difference between an insurance broker and an agent?

Unlike an agent, an insurance broker does not work directly for an insurance company or financial institution. Brokers act as an intermediary between an insurance provider and the client, and can act to represent your best interests when negotiating a contract. They can offer independent, unbiased advice.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is a set amount you are responsible for paying in the event of you need to make a claim. The insurance company covers the remaining amount.

How can I reduce my premium?

You can talk to your insurer about increasing your deductible, removing any policies you find unnecessary, or bundling multiple insurance policies.

What happens when I bundle my policies?

You will likely save money on your premiums and optimal coverage for everything you own. Your insurance company will be able to better understand your needs in all areas.

What does a standard auto insurance policy cover in Ottawa?

In both Ontario and Quebec, car insurance is mandatory. Policies are required to have third-party liability (up to $200,000 is recommended in Ontario, and up to $50,000 is recommended in Quebec), statutory accident benefits, direct compensation-property damage, and uninsured automobile coverage.

Can I increase my coverage?

Absolutely. We can tailor an auto insurance plan to suit your needs. Optional coverage can protect your vehicle against damages not caused by collisions, like fire and theft. If you are living in the downtown Ottawa area and working as a ride-share driver, you can even arrange a policy to protect you, your vehicle and passengers throughout your trips.

What other vehicles need insurance coverage in Ottawa?

As a general rule, any vehicle that will be driven on property that is not your own should have insurance on it. This includes snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles (which require a license to drive).

What kinds of property insurance do you offer in Ottawa?

We offer insurance for tenants, cottage and seasonal properties, and also your home. We know the Ottawa area well and are happy to help you find the right policy for your needs!

Does Ottawa require tenant insurance?

Everything from your electronics to furniture can be covered under a tenant insurance policy. While this type of insurance is not mandatory in Ontario or Quebec, it is effective at protecting almost all of your belongings should something happen to them in the place you are renting.

What is covered under my Ottawa home insurance policy?

Most policies cover damages caused by theft and natural disasters. With our personalized service options, we can also cover plumbing accidents, special belongings and man-made mishaps.

Is cottage insurance the same as home insurance?

The two are actually considerably different. Some factors that influence your cottage policy might be how you use your cottage, how often it is occupied, or if you rent it out. Policies typically don’t cover contents or watercraft, meaning you might need multiple insurers. Our Ottawa insurance brokers will find you the best policies to suit your needs, and we’ll gladly look for any additional coverages available as required.

What is the right coverage for my business?

Whether you founded a start-up company or have a small-to-medium-sized business with several employees, commercial insurance is vital to protecting it and your staff. We offer various packages to suit your business’ unique needs, along with quotes to help you fully understand how our policies can assist.

At what age should I start thinking about getting life insurance?

It’s never too early to open a policy. We offer connections that can answer any non-broker insurance questions you may have and point you in the right direction. We can then connect you with life and health insurance options to best suit your future and well-being.

I’m thinking about going on a trip, should I get travel insurance?

This type of coverage is always a good idea for a worry-free vacation. Anything can happen at home or abroad, and the peace of mind knowing you are protected is priceless. Our trusted partner, SecuriGlobe, can provide quotes regarding both travel and health insurance.

What do I do if I need to make a claim after-hours?

We know that accidents and unforeseen events don’t always happen at the best times. That is why we have a direct emergency line to your insurance company, so you can file a claim at any time of day or night. Connecting with your immediate provider sooner rather than later can help the claims process go more smoothly.

What is a registered insurance broker?

In Ontario, insurance brokers are governed by the Registered Insurance Brokers Act of Ontario.

A registered insurance broker is an independent insurance professional. Brokers sell general insurance including coverage for home, business, automobile, farm, boat, ATV, life, etc.

Brokers represent your best interests when negotiating a contract with an insurance provider.

Unlike an agent, an insurance broker does not work directly for an insurance company or financial institution. Brokers act as an ntermediary between an insurance provider and the client.

Insurance brokers can offer several choices from a variety of insurance providers.

They are well versed on various insurance products available. They are not affiliated with insurance companies or financial institutions and can offer independent, non-biased advice.