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Winter Safety

Why Your Car Should Have Winter Tires

Why Your Car Should Have Winter Tires

Keeping your car as safe as possible while you are out on the road is important, especially if you frequently travel with friends and family. Without the proper auto gear, the changing seasons around Ottawa can wreak havoc on your vehicle and on your safety. When you live in Canada, your car really needs to be equipped with winter tires. This is due to the fact that winter tires protect your vehicle from sliding off the road. However, there are a few more advantages that you might not be considering.

The Obvious: Better Traction on the Road

We all know that winter tires give us better grip when we are out on the slippery roads. Winter tires offer superior tracking and are actually more elastic than standard all-season tires. Aside from the better tread, winter tires are also comprised of a superior material which allows them to remain flexible in sub-zero temperatures. If you often travel where it is extremely cold, winter tires can save you from having to change a flat in the middle of a blizzard.

The Practical: Safer for Your Family

Better traction while on the move is one thing, but being able to stop in time to avoid an accident is another. With winter tires, you will be able to stop your vehicle completely at least 40 percent sooner than you would be able to with all-season treads. This results in less slipping and sliding in bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, or ice. Because of that benefit, winter tires can prevent your family from becoming the next victims of a preventable car accident.

The Bonus: Lower Insurance Rates

If you buy winter tires that are labeled with the TRAC’s snow traction performance symbol, it means that you tires meet special requirements set forth by the local government. This symbol, which is located on your tires’ sidewalls, could actually mean more than you think. For example, insurance brokers in Ontario are required by law to offer residents a discount on their auto insurance premium if their vehicle has winter tires on it. Visit a local tire store to shop for TRAC-approved winter tires for your car. We’ve still got a lot of tough winter driving ahead here in Ottawa, so the sooner the better. Put simply, having winter tires on your car can not only save your life, but it can also save you money.

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