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Insurance Brokers

Why You Should Work with an Insurance Broker

Why You Should Work with an Insurance Broker

When it comes to selecting an insurance policy, you may feel like you have the ability and know-how to make the right choice for you and your family. Even with extensive research and consideration, however, an insurance broker remains the preferred option for the following reasons:


It is an insurance broker’s job to know everything possible about insurance policies and the different rates, coverages, and plans offered by each insurance agency. While you can do a ton of research on your own, a broker has the knowledge base to find you the right insurance policy. They know about all of the latest industry news, laws, trends, and reforms and will work with you to keep you informed about all of these updates.


All insurance brokers in Ontario must be registered through Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). This body regulates the profession and serves the public by ensuring your broker complies with all ethical, professional, and financial standards. When you choose an insurance broker, you are choosing a committed professional giving unbiased advice in a transparent manner.


Insurance brokers are not affiliated with insurance companies or financial institutions. They work for you, as an intermediary between you and an insurance company, and are thus able to offer independent and unbiased advice. Insurance brokers have no ulterior motive and intend to serve only your needs, not the needs of big institutions. You can trust the recommendations and advice of an insurance broker.

Variety of Options

As mentioned previously, insurance brokers have no ties to insurance companies or financial institutions. They are not affiliated with any one institution, and therefore they are able to pick and choose and find you the perfect policy to suit the interests of you and your family. From all of the available insurance providers, they will connect you with the policy that provides you the best coverage at the most competitive price.

Your Needs Come First

An insurance broker is committed to serving the needs of you and your family. They are invested in the security of your home, vehicle, and belongings. An insurance broker sees you as more than a number and will do everything possible to give you the personal attention you deserve. In the unfortunate event of an incident or accident, your insurance broker will be there to support you and help to navigate you through the claims process.

Work with a registered insurance broker to find the right insurance policies to protect you and your family and give yourself some peace of mind.

Rowat Insurance

Insuring Ontario and Quebec since 1955. Trust Rowat Insurance Brokers to look after your home, auto, business and life insurance needs. We always guarantee fast, friendly service and highly competitive premiums. As brokers, we are entirely independent from Insurers and Financial Institutions; we will work with you to analyze and advise on risk, and customize the coverage that is right for you.