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What are Accident Benefits?

What are Accident Benefits?

A vehicle accident can leave you and your passengers with serious injuries that can upend your life. Fortunately, there are accident benefits available to help you recover and pay for the loss of income and medical expenses related to them. Learn more here about accident benefits here and what is covered under your car insurance policy.

Who Can Receive Accidents Benefits?

Accident benefits are made available, not only to the driver or owner on the policy but also to anyone who was injured in an accident such as the passengers and any pedestrians. Even if they do not have their own policy, they will be covered under yours. Your family members, who were not directly involved in the accident, may also be entitled to receive the benefits if they have suffered a mental or psychological condition as the result of the accident.

Available Accident Benefits:

Income Replacement Benefits

If you are forced to leave work because of your injuries, you may be compensated for your lost income.

Caregiver Benefits

Those who provide care to a child or someone with special needs and can no longer offer that care because of their injuries can apply for the caregiver benefit. This would cover the costs to hire someone else to provide that care until you recover.

Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits

Not all treatment costs are covered under OHIP. Medical or rehabilitation benefits would kick in to cover any extra treatment that you require including chiropractic care, physiotherapy, massage therapy as well as assistive devices and modifications to your home necessary for your recovery.

Death and Funeral Benefits

When a person involved in an accident dies at the time of the incident or after as a result of the injuries incurred, surviving family members may be eligible for a death benefit.

Long Term Care Benefits

Attendant care benefits and long-term rehabilitation benefits might also be made available to you depending on the nature and extent of your injuries. This benefit can help pay for an aide or long-term care facility if you are unable to care for yourself without assistance.

Other Benefits

Depending on your insurance policy, you and your family may be entitled to other benefits as well. You may receive money to recover the cost of repairing or replacing dental or medical devices, as well as clothing that was damaged in the incident. Family members who come to visit you during your recovery may also be eligible for compensation for any expenses incurred. Lost education expenses and reasonable costs related to home maintenance while you recover may also be available.

To find out what accident benefits are covered in your auto insurance policy, contact your insurance broker today. At Rowat Insurance we can help you decide if you have enough coverage or if you need to purchase optional accident benefits to increase your limits.

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