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The Best Ways to Prevent Car Theft

The Best Ways to Prevent Car Theft

According to the US Department of Transportation, the top two months for vehicle thefts are July and August. How can you keep your car safe this summer? Follow these tips on the best ways to prevent car theft, from Ottawa insurance brokers:

Lock Your Doors

The US Department of Transportation reports that as many as 50% of stolen vehicles had unlocked doors. Even if you are only going to be inside for a few minutes or think you live in a safe area, don’t take the risk. Lock your doors at all times.

Bring Your Keys

Next to unlocked doors, leaving the keys inside or in the ignition is the second most common way that thieves can steal a car. Take your keys with you, and don’t leave a second set “hidden” somewhere under the body of the car or inside the glove box. Thieves know where to look.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Your car isn’t the only target. If you leave valuable items in plain sight, a thief can smash the window and run off. Stash your valuables out of sight in the glove box, under a seat, or in the trunk.

Where to Park

More than half of car thefts occur at night. Once nightfall hits, make sure you park your car in a well-lit area so thieves can’t work under the cloak of darkness. Park in attended lots as often as possible, as thieves are less likely to target areas with potential witnesses wandering around.

Never Leave Car Running

Even if you’re just nipping into the store for a second or dropping a letter in the mailbox, turn the car off and lock the doors. In the winter, don’t leave your car unattended in the driveway to warm it up. Your car will be a sitting duck for car thieves.

Close Windows

Leave windows rolled up when the car is parked. Even a little crack is a “window” of opportunity for a car thief.

Use Garage

If you have a garage, be safe and store your car in it. This protects your car from thieves, with the added bonus of protecting it from the elements.

Do Not Leave Title and Registration

If a thief does manage to break into your car, don’t give them the easy opportunity to sell it. Your title should be kept at home (ideally in a safe), and you can carry the registration in your wallet or purse.

Don’t let your car be an easy target for thieves. For more information about how to protect your car and which auto insurance coverage is right for you, contact the Ottawa insurance brokers at Rowat Insurance today.

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