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Commercial Insurance

Some of the Ways Commercial Insurance Can Protect your Business

Some of the Ways Commercial Insurance Can Protect your Business

No two businesses are exactly alike. That’s why at Rowat Insurance, we offer comprehensive insurance packages designed to provide coverage for all your specific business needs. In the event of a disaster, mistake, or crime, commercial insurance can help to shield your business from any threats.

To find out more, here are just some of the ways commercial insurance can protect your business.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, like floods and earthquakes, can happen without any warning. And, if you’re not covered, it can leave your business with hefty damages. Commercial insurance coverage can help pay for any losses to the property and contents if a natural disaster occurs.

Business Interruption

Unexpected damages, like a roof leak, could require you to close your business. If you need to remain open, then you may need to incur expenses in relation to rental fees, or hiring outsourced work. With Business Interruption insurance, you can get the coverage you need to help mitigate the costs until you’re back up and running again.

Errors And Omissions

If you advise customers or make recommendations that could have the potential to result in financial loss to your client, it’s important that you get Errors and Omissions insurance. O & E will protect your business in case you make a mistake, and your client attempts to sue you for damages.


Many companies that handle or store toxic materials need a policy that helps protect them from property loss that arises from pollution-related damages due to contamination. Coverage often includes clean up requirements, property damage, bodily injury, legal expenses, and business interruption losses.


If your business gets broken into during the middle of the night, do you have the excess funds to replace stolen items? In the event of a robbery, having proper Theft insurance will help cover any of the losses. Without insurance, you will be left to fend for yourself, which could lead to shortfalls and even foreclosure.


Every company should have some form of liability insurance. A well-constructed plan can help protect your company from being sued if there’s wrongdoing caused by your company. There are different types of liability coverage, so talking to a professional is important to find out what is best for your type of business.

As brokers, we represent all the insurance suppliers so you can get the best coverage in order to protect all your business operations. Whether you need protection from theft, floods, or errors, at Rowat Insurance, we can find you the coverage that will safeguard your business to keep you performing optimally.

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