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Preventing Snow and Ice Damage

Preventing Snow and Ice Damage

Damage caused by ice and snow costs homeowners millions of dollars in repair fees every year in Canada. Fortunately, these problems can be easily avoided. If you don’t want to be another frustrated homeowner, follow these tips below to prevent snow and ice damage to your home.

Keep the Attic Ventilated

Poor ventilation in your attic can lead to an ice dam that can block the flow of snowmelt water. When this happens, water can get underneath your shingles and move right inside your attic, through your walls and ceiling. To prevent this from happening, inspect the attic regularly and make sure it’s well ventilated and cool. There should be no space between the insulation that could let out warm air and cause an ice dam to form.

Clear the Roof Frequently

If you let ice and snow build up on the roof it can result in a number of issues. The weight can damage the materials and the melting snow can cause your roof and ceiling to leak. Whenever there is approximately 5 cm of ice or a foot of snow on your roof, it’s time to get out the roof rake to carefully remove it. To ensure you don’t accidentally damage the materials, leave a thin layer of snow on the roof. If there happens to be any cables nearby or you don’t have the right tools, it’s best to hire a professional. Otherwise, you could cause more damage than good which might not be covered by your insurance policy.

Position Downspouts Away from Your Home

Meltwater often flows rapidly through the eavestroughs before exiting out from the downspout to your lawn. If your downspout is not positioned properly, all this liquid can flow right back towards the foundation of your home causing water damage and basement flooding. So be sure to properly position the spout ends toward the sewer drain and away from the home.

Use an Eco-friendly Thawing Material

The walkways and stairs can become awfully slippery in the winter. Adding a de-icing material like salt can help prevent a slip and fall accident. But did you know that rock salt can damage your natural stone materials? To prevent any unwanted structural damage, use an ice chipper and eco-friendly alternative to rock salt to keep the ice at bay.

Get Insurance That Includes Water Damage

Not all insurance policies include coverage for water damage. That’s why you should have one of our insurance brokers review your policy. We’ll ensure that you have all the additional coverage options to protect you against sudden water damage caused by ice damming and overflow from gutters or roof drains.

Does your homeowner’s insurance have the right policies in place to protect you from snow and ice damage?Contact us today at Rowat Insurance and we’ll make sure that you have all the right coverages to protect you from the damage that winter weather can cause to your property and belongings.

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