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Prepping Your Home for Summer Vacation

Prepping Your Home for Summer Vacation

It can be exciting to bring your family out for some fun in the sun or a summer road trip, but don’t think that the accommodation, itinerary, and luggage are all you have to worry about. Your home can face some major trouble while you’re away, and making the right preparations before you head out can save you from some big problems when you get back. Prep your home for summer vacation and give yourself some peace of mind while you get away from it all by taking these safety tips into consideration.

Burglars and Break-Ins

A house that’s without a homeowner is practically catnip to potential burglars. Make sure you keep your property safe from sticky fingers by making it seem like there’s someone living in it. Ask neighbours to cut your grass and collect your mail, set lights to turn on during night time, lock gates, windows, and doors, and make sure you secure valuables in a safe place hidden from view.

Steer Clear of Damage

You never know when an accident might hit you, and it just might happen while you’re away. We’ve all heard horror stories of neighbours who have returned home to a flood due to a burst pipe or leaky faucet. Prevent any property damages by ensuring that cracks and leaks are properly resolved, arrange for services or neighbours to remove snow and maintain your lawn, and shut off all utilities such as water and electricity before you go.

Keep a List

Just as an extra safety measure, take photos of your home before you leave for vacation. Highlight the most valuable items in your place and print these photos for future reference, should damage occur. Staple these along with their receipts and hide them away in a safe place, or even in a safety deposit box so they’re kept free from dangers and perils while you’re away.

Pay Off Bills

You don’t want your electricity, internet, or water to be cut off while you’re away because of failure to meet payment deadlines. Pay off bills that you expect to be due while you’re away to save you the trouble of having to get a cut-off utility reconnected.

Tell a Neighbour

Before you go, make sure you tell a trustworthy neighbour that you’re going to be away and when you’ll be back. This will allow you to have eyes on your property even while you’re away and will assure you that should anything urgent happen, you’ve got someone to notify you.

Save it for Later

Try not to post images of you on vacation on social media while you’re still away, should anyone see them and try to take advantage of your absence. Wait till you get home, and then you can share those pretty pictures on your profile.

Insurance Coverage

Before your annual summer vacation, check in with your insurance broker to review your policy and make sure your home insurance coverage is up-to-date. Break-ins and accidents happen, and you want to be well protected so you can get back to regular life after your fun vacation.

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