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Safety Tips

Keep Your Campfires Safe this Fall Season!

Keep Your Campfires Safe this Fall Season!

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t have a campfire at the cottage still. In fact, fall is the perfect time of year to build a nice warm fire to cozy up to. So if you plan to light any fires this season, be sure to follow the proper safety procedures just like you would in the summertime. Although the temperatures are milder and often wetter, forest fires are still a risk. To prevent any possible scares, ensure you keep your campfires safe this fall season by following these safety tips.

Only Use Designated Areas

When creating a campfire, you should only use the designated spaces on site. And before lighting any logs, you should clear the immediate area of any dry leaves, debris, and overhanging branches. The area around the pit should only contain rocks and dirt. This is to ensure that the fire remains contained and doesn’t spread to the dry brush or trees close by.

Keep Your Belongings at a Safe Distance

Safety requires a little common sense before lighting a fire. This includes checking that your supplies, chairs, picnic tables, and spare logs are at least ten feet away from your fire pit to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

Check the Wood Requirements

The fall season can often be wet and damp so you will likely need to buy firewood and kindling from a store as opposed to picking it up off the ground. The municipality may also require that you use a particular type of wood, so you should always call ahead to find out what rules and regulations are in place before arriving.

Make Sure It’s Completely Extinguished

Many forest fires are ignited because people forget to extinguish their campfires properly. Just because those embers look harmless, doesn’t mean it’s safe. One big gust of air could re-light the fire and lead to a major fire. To completely extinguish your fire, fill your pail up with water and drown the campfire. Then mix the ashes and embers with the soil to make sure everything is wet.

Fire can spread quickly if left unattended or mismanaged. To prevent injury and damage, it’s important to follow these tips and ensure the campfire is supervised at all times. For peace of mind, you should also have cottage insurance in case of any unexpected accidents. We offer the best rates and coverage plans to suit all your cottage related needs. To find out more contact us today!

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