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How to Throw a Fun and Safe Work Christmas Party

How to Throw a Fun and Safe Work Christmas Party

Gearing up for your annual holiday party? With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the time of year when you can relax, mingle, and celebrate with your team to show them how much you appreciate all of their hard work and effort. If you’re wondering how to throw a fun and safe work Christmas party that everyone will enjoy this season, we’ve got all the tips you need below.

Remind Everyone it’s Still a Professional Environment

Even with the celebratory atmosphere and cocktails flowing, it’s a good idea to remind everyone that your Christmas party is still a part of the workplace. That means there should be a level of professionalism exhibited throughout the event, and that workplace laws still apply when it comes to issues of personal conduct, sexual harassment, bullying, and more. So always give your employees those gentle reminders to ensure they can have fun while behaving responsibly and appropriately.

Choose a Venue that’s Accessible by Transit

No matter what venue you decide to host your party at, remember that most people will be indulging in a few libations during the evening. So everyone should be able to have a safe alternative mode of transportation to get home. Whether it’s local transit or a taxi service, make sure your employees have accessible options to get home safely from your work party.

Serve Alcohol Responsibly

Another helpful tip to throw a fun and safe work Christmas party is to put someone in charge of serving the alcohol responsibly. Everyone should be able to let loose a bit and enjoy themselves, but having a bartender or figure of authority keep an eye on things can help minimize risks when it comes to intoxication and curtailing inappropriate behaviour.

Offer a Diverse Menu

Of course, the food is always one of the main highlights of any work party. But remember that people have various dietary restrictions and allergies, so take note and serve a diverse menu so that everyone can enjoy the food spread.

Make Sure You Have the Right Permits

Whether you’re hosting your party at a hall, in the office or somewhere else, make sure to inquire about having the necessary permits and licensing to consume alcohol. You should also take into account the number of people that will be attending and whether it abides by the maximum capacity of the event space. The details matter when it comes to having a licensed establishment and avoiding any legal hiccups that can quickly ruin or even shut down your holiday fun. Have your HR officer scout venues well ahead of time to go over the necessary details and also do a risk assessment to ensure you have your bases covered.

Planning ahead is imperative to hosting a work Christmas party that your entire team can enjoy while feeling appreciated. But don’t forget to consider all of the necessary precautions to ensure it’s safe and legal. To safeguard your business operations, employees and more, contact us at Rowat Insurance today to learn about our tailored policies or to get a free quote.

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