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How to Keep Your Home Safe During Spring Break

How to Keep Your Home Safe During Spring Break

Even if you put everything away and lock all your windows and doors, your home is vulnerable when you’re away on spring break. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to add an extra layer of protection when you’re gone. Follow these quick tips to keep your home safe during spring break this year.

Lock The Garage

Don’t forget about your garage! This is a common entry point for burglars and is also an area many families store some of their most expensive toys – bicycles, lawnmowers, pool equipment, and tools. Plus, you don’t want to give a potential burglar access to a handy tool that could help them break into your own home. So always double check that it’s secure.

Get An Alarm System

A home security system is the best way to ward of thieves and protect your possessions. Full intrusion monitoring with door and window sensors, motion detectors, outdoor cameras, and motion-sensitive lighting will keep your home safe when you’re away. If an intruder comes close and triggers the alarm, it will immediately send an alert to a monitoring station who can notify the appropriate authorities if a break in is occurring. Some systems also offer water and fire detection for maximum protection.

Purchase A Safe

It’s also wise to purchase a safe to store some of your valuables in while you’re away on spring break. Expensive jewelry, laptops and iPads that you’re not taking with you, and any confidential and important documents should all be kept under lock and key.

Ask A Neighbour For Help

Burglars often look for homes that have flyers and newspapers piling up at the door or have untamed grass. This is a tell-tale sign someone hasn’t been there for a while. To avoid break-ins, it’s best to ask or pay a trusted neighbour to come collect your mail and mow your lawn every few days.

Pull The Plugs And Turn Off The Water

To prevent a fire and protect your electronics in case of a power surge, it’s important to unplug everything that doesn’t need power. This includes your television, computers, entertainment systems, coffee makers and microwave.

Buy The Right Insurance

You should also have the right home insurance to protect all your belongings in the case of water or fire damage, vandalism or burglary. Some home insurance policies also cover the personal belongings that you bring with you on your travels, so it’s important to talk to an insurance broker to check that you have the right coverage to keep your home safe during spring break.

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