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Everything Homeowners Should Know About Radon

Everything Homeowners Should Know About Radon

Owning a home is the Canadian dream, but it’s not without its challenges. From picking the right paint colour to mowing the lawn to making sure the roof is in peak condition, there’s always something to watch out for. If radon is not on your radar, it should be. This silent, odourless gas is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Canada. Radon leaks into homes up from the ground and can build up to toxic levels if not mitigated. About 7-10% of Canadian homes have radon levels above the recommended levels.

Radon 101 for Ottawa/Gatineau Homeowners

The good news, when it comes to radon, is that unlike other household toxins and deadly gasses, it’s generally readily identifiable with a radon detector kit and easy to treat. Even so, it that doesn’t mean that getting rid of radon will be a walk in the park, either. One of the biggest problems stems from the fact that, although it’s more easily identifiable than other toxins, it’s still odorless, tasteless, and invisible to the naked eye. You can purchase a long-term test kit which will measure radon levels in your home over a period of months.

A Few Facts About Radon

It’s one of the heaviest gasses you’ll find in domestic spaces, extremely dense, and can result as part of a radioactive process (just one of many reasons you don’t want it in your home). Yes, radon is radiation. Radon can enter your home in a variety of ways, but typically it seeps into your home through cracks and gaps.

Radon Reduction

Now, there isn’t a cure-all when it comes to mitigating radon. Each case is unique and will vary based on soil characteristics, construction type, foundation condition, occupant lifestyle, and even weather. As such, radon reduction will in turn require an individualized approach. One absolutely crucial remedy, however, is ensuring that your home has proper ventilation. Not only is that vital for getting rid of a radon build-up, but it’s simply something that’s needed for keeping a home clean and safe. Poor ventilation can lead to a variety of potentially-deadly gas-related issues, not all of which you’ll be able to detect by way of smell. A vent pipe system, a fan, and a clean area around both can help to ensure clean and healthy airflow throughout your home.

For more information about radon, you can visit the Take Action on Radon website.

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