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Driving Safe this Holiday Season

Driving Safe this Holiday Season

The holidays add a few more risks for those who drive. Poor weather conditions, traveling to new areas for parties and the danger of drunk driving all make it necessary to be better prepared when the holidays arrive. Here are some tips to help you drive safe this holiday season:

Winter Tires

Although auto insurance coverage protects you from costly repairs, winter tires will help protect you from accidents. You can encounter black ice or run into white out conditions when driving during the holiday season. It is important to be prepared for winter conditions and drive with the proper winter tires to provide the grip you need to stop safely.

Annual Car Check

The winter is the perfect time to schedule your annual car check. Make sure you bring your car into a garage before you start driving in the cold. Your auto mechanic can change your oil and check for issues with tires, windshield wipers and lights. They can also top up your windshield washer fluid and do a tire check. Winter drivers also want to have properly functioning heating/defrosting functionality for those extra frosty nights.

Finding Your Way

Winter driving can be more dangerous when you are driving on unfamiliar roads at night. Make sure you plan your route to and from your holiday parties. Use a mounted GPS (not a hand held one) and pay attention to the weather reports so you don’t run into unexpected bad weather.

Designated Driver

Never head out to a party without a plan for getting home safe. If you don’t have a designated driver avoid temptation and take public transportation or a cab. Having a plan for getting home will keep you and fellow drivers on the road safe.

Weather Reports

Whether you are attending a party a kilometre away or planning a long drive out of town listen to your local weather reports before hitting the road. On longer trips listen in to weather reports regularly so you know what to expect along the way.

Be Prepared

Be prepared with an emergency driver kit just in case. Stock your car with water and snacks as well as a warm blanket. Make sure you have jumper cables and a phone charger. Consider throwing a shovel and some sand or salt into your trunk as well.

Make sure you have the proper auto insurance coverage in the winter months and follow these tips to drive safe.

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