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Do These 7 Things Before Leaving on Summer Vacation

Do These 7 Things Before Leaving on Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing. However, if you forget to lock your doors, shut off the water or close the garage, you could end up spending your days and nights worrying instead of lapping up your time of leisure. Save yourself the stress and do these seven things before leaving on summer vacation so you can make the most out of your time off.

Set Up Security

Burglars will always look for homes that appear to be unoccupied. A home monitoring system with cameras and sensors are your best line of defence, but if you can’t afford a full-fledged security system, then you should at least outfit your home with advanced locking mechanisms and light timers inside and out. We also recommend asking a neighbour or close friend to collect your mail to prevent it from piling up outside your home – a clear indication that no one’s home. If you have good security measures in place to prevent easy access to your home, burglars will likely look elsewhere.

Turn Off The Water Supply

Pipes can burst at any time. And if you’re away when it happens, your home can endure significant water damage, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and mould removal. But you can avoid this potential scenario by simply turning off your water supply before you leave.

Unplug The Electronics

Beyond the fact that the TV, microwave, and coffee machine continue to pull energy when they’re plugged in, but they can also create an electrical fire if a power surge occurs while you’re away. Save yourself from an unnecessary energy bill and any additional stress by unplugging all your electronics.

Turn Off The A/C

Speaking of energy bills, if you don’t turn down your AC before you leave, you could come home to one hefty electricity bill. To maintain a consistent airflow throughout your home while you’re gone, it’s best not to turn it completely off, but rather lower it a few degrees below the norm.

Throw Out The Garbage

It may seem like an inconsequential mistake, but nothing is worse than coming home to a pest infested kitchen. So before heading out, double check that the garbage has been emptied.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance to give you adequate medical coverage! And while you’re at it, now’s a good time to double check on your auto and home insurance policies to ensure you are adequately covered while away on vacation.

Check You Have All Your Documents

The departure day is always the most frantic. Between packing and getting the kids ready, it’s easy to forget something rather important, like your passport. Avoid the stress of missing your flight by making a detailed departure list that will ensure you have everything in order before you walk out the door.

Not sure if your insurance will cover any medical issues or property damage while you’re gone? What about the coverage regarding your belongings if a break-in occurs? Contact us at Rowat Insurance – we’ll review your policy and find the best coverage possible if you need more. Learn more about how we can help make sure that you, your family and your belongings are adequately protected.

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