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Winter Safety

Are You a Safe Snowmobiler?

Are You a Safe Snowmobiler?

There’s no better way to connect with nature in the winter than to travel scenic trails on your snowmobile. But did you know that snowmobiling can put you at risk of accidents? Thousands of people get injured every year because of snowmobile-related crashes, and unfortunately crashes are quite common in the rural areas around Ottawa and eastern Quebec.

You Wear the Right Clothes

The air is already cold enough in the winter, but when you are snowmobiling the extra speed adds wind, which can chill you to the bone. You need to dress properly, including a warm jacket, snow pants, gloves and, of course, a helmet. If you are involved in a crash, the right winter gear can literally be the difference between life and death. Keeping yourself comfortable means allowing your mind to focus on what’s important – and that is riding safely on the trail. Wear the right clothing and protective gear to steer clear of any incidents, and protect yourself if a crash does happen.

You Know Where to Go

Snowmobiling can be a great adventure, but if you take a left turn here, ride an extra kilometre here, it can easy to get lost – especially if you’re in whiteout conditions or if you don’t follow marked trails. Especially with snow cover, one moment you’re on a safe trail and the next you’re riding on thin ice and you don’t even know it. For your own safety, don’t take chances. Stick to marked trails and paths that you are familiar with, and always try to keep a sense of orientation. Before you leave, consider studying other trails and possible routes home in case you do get lost.

You Never Drive When You’re Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances is sadly a common cause of vehicular accidents. A DUI in normal conditions is common enough – how much more likely will it be when you drive in the snow? If you’ve just come from a party and you know you’re unfit to drive, ask a friend if you can stay over or plan ahead and find a nearby place to crash before the party even starts. Avoid driving a snowmobile at all costs if you’re under the influence. Just like you wouldn’t drink and drive in the city, the same applies when you’re on vacation. Never operate a snowmobile, ATV, or boat after you have been drinking.

You Keep Emergency Supplies Just in Case

If your snowmobile comes with a compartment, then you best fill it up with emergency supplies. Reflective signs, flashlights, salt, a change of clothes, a portable phone charger, and a first aid kit are just some of the few items you should store in your vehicle.

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