A Quick Guide for Roadside Emergency Preparedness

A Quick Guide for Roadside Emergency Preparedness

You’ll never know when an accident might happen – you might even find yourself face-to-face with an emergency while you’re on the road. No one wants to be stuck with a broken down vehicle, especially during snowy seasons. Make sure you come prepared for whatever the road brings and have these handy items in handy for roadside emergencies.

Keep a Phone Charger Handy

This is probably one of the most important things you could have with you. There’s no knowing how long you’ll be where you are, or how far you might be from civilization when it all happens. If you were involved in a crash with potentially lethal injuries, you never want to be without your phone. Bring a phone charger or solar-powered charger in your car wherever you go so you can make the most of your handheld in an emergency situation.

Have a First Aid Kit in the Trunk

It’s easy to sustain injuries if you were in a crash. In case you were cut up, bruised, or harmed in an accident, you don’t want to sit around helplessly while you wait for rescue. Keep a first aid kit in your trunk and make sure it has the necessary items you need to patch up the injuries you expect from a car crash, or to assist other injured parties.

Pack a Flashlight

What could be worse than a broken down car in the middle of nowhere? Well, turn down the light and you’ve got yourself a situation that’s ten times worse. Not only is it hard to keep your cool in the dark, it’s also easier for other to crash into your vehicle if they don’t see it right away. Keep a flashlight and some flares in handy just in case you break down at night.

Non-Perishable Food and Water Stock

Who knows how long you might be stuck out on the road? There have been stories of people who had to survive their situation for weeks before any sort of rescue found where they were. Non-perishable food items and a clean supply of water will extend your chances of survival, especially if you crash in a remote area.

Let People Know Where You’re Going

You probably left people behind from where you came from, and you probably have people expecting you at your destination. Let them know what time you left and what time you intend to arrive at your destination. When you fail to make it when they expect you, it will be more likely for them to alert the authorities and find out where you are.

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