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7 Things That Can Void Your Travel Insurance

7 Things That Can Void Your Travel Insurance

Savvy travelers know the benefits of taking out travel insurance when they’re abroad. Even a short trip to the doctor can run up bills that your regular health plan won’t cover when you’re away. So having insurance is both necessary and cost-effective. Yet, some people who have a travel insurance plan still end up with rejected claims because of limitations or exclusions in their policy. That’s why it’s important to be fully educated about your policy and know what it allows and doesn’t allow in order to have a healthy and happy vacation. To get a better understanding, check out these seven things which can void your travel insurance when you’re abroad.

Lying About Pre-existing Conditions

Telling even a little fib or forgetting to declare your pre-existing conditions could make your coverage void if the insurance company finds out. It’s best to be honest about any of your conditions so that the travel insurance provider can find you the right coverage that you are eligible for.

Traveling Against Doctors Advice

If your doctor has recommended that you do not travel for your health and an accident happens on your trip, you could be putting your insurance at risk. This also includes if you stop or forget to take your prescribed medication, which results in illness or injury. Travel insurance companies will not cover those who have had accidents that could have been easily avoided.

Substance Abuse

If an accident happens and you were intoxicated or impaired, your insurance will not cover you. Any illness or injuries that are caused when you were using drugs and alcohol is considered preventable.

Dangerous Activities

You may want to think again if you’re considering going skydiving or parasailing on vacation. Any high-risk or dangerous activities are often exclusions on your travel insurance. Every insurance company will outline these activities in their policy, so make sure you read the fine print so you are aware of what actions you should avoid when abroad.

High-Risk Pregnancy

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you may be denied coverage. So if you’re pregnant, it’s important to check what the conditions are as well as the cutoff dates for how long into your pregnancy they will cover you. Providers will have different dates and limitations regarding coverage for when you’re pregnant. Being upfront about your pregnancy can ensure you get the proper coverage while you’re away.

Volatile Locations

If you travel to a location that has a travel warning or ban issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada, you will not be covered by the travel insurance. Before you book a trip, make sure to go online to check that your travel destination has not been given a travel warning.

Denied Visa

If you don’t have the proper travel documentation or a previously denied travel visa and you are denied entry, your insurance will not cover you. However, the insurance will cover a scenario if you are eligible for the visa and you are not issued one for reasons that are beyond your control.

Be in the know before you travel. Talk to a professional who can help you get the proper coverage you need to be safe during your trip. Call us at Rowat Insurance; we can ensure you have the best coverage for all your overseas travel needs!

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