7 Fireplace Safety Tips

7 Fireplace Safety Tips

‘Tis the season for celebrating with loved ones, eating too much, and curling up by the fireplace. But before you get that crackling fire roaring, don’t forget to go over some basic fireplace safety tips first. Whether it’s a gas, electric, or wood-burning stove, it’s always wise to have a refresh on how to ensure your home and loved ones remain safe and warm throughout the cold winter months. Here are our top tips to remember this season!

Only Burn Designated Fireplace logs

Though you may be tempted to throw on some of that old wrapping paper or other bits and pieces lying around, remember that certain items can release toxic fumes when burned. That’s why it’s imperative only to burn designated wood in your fireplace and never place any other objects on the fire.

Keep Holiday Decorations at a Safe Distance

That garland and holly may look festive around your mantel, but it can also become a potential fire hazard if it’s not hung securely. Keep your decorations at a safe distance and go for a slow, steady burn when making the fire instead of an intense flame to keep it safe.

Remember to Open the Damper Before Lighting

Before igniting the fire, be sure to open up the damper. Keep it open until the fire is completely out and the ashes have cooled down.

Use a Mesh Screen

To prevent embers from landing on any nearby items or furniture, place a mesh screen in front of the fire when lit at all times.

Keep the Chimney and Area around it Clean

Don’t place anything in or around the immediate area. Keep a broom handy to sweep up any soot and don’t forget to have your chimney serviced and cleaned each year to prevent any buildup. This goes for gas fireplaces too.

Install Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Have your fire and carbon monoxide detectors installed nearby and check the batteries at least once per year to ensure they are functioning properly.

Store Wood at a Distance

Keep any pieces of wood and paper well away from your fireplace. And never use any lighter fluid or fuel to ignite the fire.

It’s well worth it to go over your safety checklist each year before lighting up your fireplace. And in the case of a fire, are you covered? At Rowat Insurance, we can provide the coverage you need at the best price to safeguard your home and loved ones this winter season. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.


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