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Winter Safety

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Home this Winter

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Home this Winter

There are many simple ways to safeguard your home from the winter weather. Follow these steps to ensure you and your family stay safe this holiday season.

Check the Furnace and Stove

It’s a good idea to inspect your furnace and stove every winter. This is important so you can uncover any potential cracks or damage that can cause deadly carbon monoxide leaks. This will also ensure that they are ready to take on the winter months efficiently and without any problems.

Keep an Eye on Piping

Pipes become susceptible to bursting during the winter months, which can lead to expensive damage. To avoid this, run water through the pipes on a frequent basis, switch off outdoor water features, test the shut-off valves, and wrap any exposed pipes to insulate and protect them from the cold.

Get Your Gutters Clean to Avoid Ice Dams

Water damage is one of the most commons forms of damage that homeowners face, especially when all of the snow and ice begin to melt. A backup of meltwater on the roof or around the foundation can end up causing significant moisture damage to the roof, walls, flooring, and more. Always get the gutter system along the roof cleaned out before the winter to minimize this risk.

Trim Branches

If there are any precarious looking branches hanging over your driveway, roof, electrical wiring, or walkway, get them trimmed before there’s heavy snowfall. This can help to prevent serious damage and headaches during the winter.

Keep the Stairs and Pathways Clean, Clear and Salted

Once the snow and ice begin to accumulate, you’ll need to have the shovel, snow blower and salt ready. Each time there’s an accumulation, it’s your responsibility to clear the pathways and steps outside of your home to keep them safe for family, friends, neighbours and any visitors. Remember to keep snow piles as far from the foundation of your home as possible. Place them on the lawn or garden instead. And don’t forget to remove snow build-up from any vents and basement windows.

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