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5 Tips for Healthy Summer Exercise

5 Tips for Healthy Summer Exercise

The summer always makes us want to get out and enjoy as much of the fabulous weather as we can (especially since we know that it won’t last for long).But as the mercury and humidity begin to spike, it’s important not to overdo it. When it’s feeling hot, hazy and uncomfortable outside, there are still ways to stay in shape and keep up with your fitness. So instead of missing out on your workouts during those hot and sticky days, try a few of these tips for healthy summer exercise instead.

Cardio at the Mall

Whether you love or hate the mall, it’s a great place to enjoy a cool, comfortable indoor environment while getting some cardio in at the same time. Those seniors you see speed walking around the perimeter of the mall during the morning time know what it’s all about! And despite what you may think, it’s a great way to keep your body moving on those hot, sluggish days when you don’t want to move from the couch. Here you can enjoy A/C and plenty of window-shopping as you maintain your fitness.

Stick to Morning or Evening Time

Even if you’re not naturally a morning or evening workout person (we all have our preference), during the heat, it’s best to adjust your schedule and routine so you can take advantage of the cooler, shadier mornings and evenings. This might require you to move things around on your schedule to accommodate, but it’s really worth it to prevent heat exhausted and too much exposure to the sun when it’s most intense during the day.

Workout in the Park

Parks are the perfect spot to exercise in since they provide plenty of shade in addition to different types of terrain and equipment that can come in handy during your workout. You can find some shady spots under the trees to plank yourself while also giving your mind some time to rejuvenate away from the hectic city commotion.

Don’t Overdo It

When the weather woman is saying it’s not a good idea to overexert yourself during a heat wave, they mean it! When the mercury is uncomfortably high, it’s never a good time to challenge your personal bests. So always take a glance at the weather and remember to lather up the sun block and hat if you’re heading out in the sun. But try to stick with shorter workouts, avoiding the mid-day sun to reduce your chances of experiencing heat stroke.

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