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5 Surprising Things You Should Insure

5 Surprising Things You Should Insure

We all know the importance of insuring our family homes and primary cars, but did you know there are other very important things to insure that might not automatically spring to mind? Here are five surprising things which you can protect against loss or damage with insurance coverage:


About ten percent of Canadians own a second home of some sort, whether an income property, vacation home abroad, or cottage. Cottages can be amazing retreats from the hustle and bustle of the city, but they sit idle for most of the year. This means incidents that you would otherwise be able to repair quickly if you were present (like water damage) can end up causing severe damage. Cottages are also at increased risk for vandalism and burglary, as nefarious individuals target properties when they know the owners will not be home. Protect your cottage against these issues with secondary home insurance.

Travel Insurance

When you’re travelling the world, the last thing you want is to experience an illness or get into an accident. Sadly, however, these things happen, and your ordinary insurance or government coverage may not cover you. You can avoid all of the stress and expense abroad by opting for travel insurance. Help keep your vacation a happy one and rest easy knowing you and your family are well protected.

RVs & Motor Homes

Many happy family memories are made on the open road, traversing the country on warm summer days in an RV or motor home. Help to keep these memories happy with insurance protection. An RV is more than a car, and thus there is more to protect. If your RV gets damaged or stolen while on a trip, you haven’t just lost your mode of transportation – you’ve also lost your lodging. Protect your RV and all of the valuables you keep in it with the proper special vehicle insurance coverage.

ATVs & Snowmobiles

You can have a lot of fun trekking through back country roads on an all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile. You love the adventurous outdoor lifestyle, so take steps to protect the vehicles that make your escapades possible. You can get coverage for these vehicles and the related equipment (like trailers used to tow them around).


Few things are better than boating around on fresh Canadian lakes on hot summer days. Whether you own a jet ski, sailboat, fishing boat, cruiser, or even a yacht, you want to keep your watercraft protected against theft or damage. Keep your warm summer days happy and lighthearted with watercraft insurance.

Now you know some of the surprising insurance coverage options you should definitely consider. Keep your vacations and free time fun and worry-free with comprehensive insurance protection plans.

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