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5 Improvements to Make Your Home Safe for Children

5 Improvements to Make Your Home Safe for Children

Every year, millions of children are injured right under their own roof. Fortunately, many of these injuries can be prevented by childproofing your home and upgrading some of your features. To show you what we mean, here are five improvements that will make your home safe for your children.

Window and Door Latches

Doors and windows cause more accidents than you can imagine. Doors slamming on fingers or a child falling through a window can easily be prevented with safety latches. We also recommend purchasing ones that are also outfitted with alarms, so if they are open a window, you will know about it. Safety latches are also designed to keep out burglars, making them a must-have for any home.

Safety Glass

Kids love to run around and often times they don’t pay much attention to where they’re going. If they accidentally slip and fall into your glass door and it breaks, your child can be seriously injured. That’s why it’s necessary to install safety glass in your windows and doors. This specialty glass doesn’t break into jagged pieces. Instead, it shatters into small square fragments, and some models will even hold the pieces together when it’s broken.

Child Proof Locks

Storing cleaning materials, matches, lighters, ammunition, pool chemicals, and other harmful substances in a cabinet is a recipe for disaster. Even if you have it locked, there’s always a chance your kid will find the key. Childproof locks can help keep dangerous and toxic materials out of their hands.

Safety Covers

An electric shock can put your child’s wellbeing at risk. So it’s important to identify all the electrical dangers that may be lurking in your home and take action by using socket covers on the electrical outlets. You can also prevent injury by using the proper grounded electric chargers in your children’s bedroom.

Solid Pool Covers

During the off-season, it’s important to cover your pool to prevent your children from falling in and getting trapped beneath the surface. A solid safety cover can provide a layer of protection that is strong enough to drive a car over it. But even with a cover, it’s wise to enclose your pool with a large fence that’s equipped with a pool alarm.

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