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3 Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

3 Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

As the winter approaches and the days start to darken earlier, many of us start to experience seasonal affective disorder, or more commonly known as the winter blues. The lack of sunshine can easily stir up feelings of unease and depression, while also throwing our circadian rhythm and sleep patterns completely out of whack. But there are some good ways to fight off those feelings during the bleak and wintry days. Here are some helpful ways to avoid the winter blues and keep your spirits up this season.

Supplement Vitamin D

The lack of sunlight in winter makes our vitamin D levels plummet. This directly impacts our mood and health. Stop by your local health store and pick up a supplement to keep up with the necessary dose that your body needs to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. The recommended amount for adults is between 600 – 5,000 IUs per day. Talk to a health practitioner to determine the right level for you.

Get In the Right Gear

Many of us tend to hibernate indoors for a significant portion of the winter. But being isolated for such prolonged periods of time is not good for our wellbeing and it can exacerbate those winter blues. Try to focus on getting outside more, even if it’s a walk to the local café or to meet up with friends. To make sure you do, get the proper winter gear so you can stay warm and comfortable when going out.

Stay Social

It may feel like the last thing you want to do, but staying social and engaged with others is so important for stimulating your mind, distracting those negative thoughts and having fun. Whether it’s a movie night, girl’s night, or if you want to stay in and host games night at your place, make sure you’re getting out and hanging out with positive people who can lift your spirits. Whatever you do, just aim to arrange social activities at least once per week.

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