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11 Common Road Signs and Their Meanings

11 Common Road Signs and Their Meanings

As you hop into the driver’s seat after getting your license, the open road beckons you on countless new adventures. While the freedom of driving can be exhilarating, fundamental lessons must be learned for you to become a safe, responsible driver. Let’s take a look at some of the common road signs you might encounter while cruising through the streets:

Stop Sign

The stop sign requires drivers to come to a complete stop at a marked line, crosswalk or intersection. Drivers should proceed only when they have the right-of-way.

Yield Sign

At a yield sign, drivers are required to slow down and yield the right-of-way to other vehicles or pedestrians coming from another direction.

Railway Crossing

This warning sign is intended to notify drivers of train tracks ahead. Drivers should stay alert to any approaching trains and prepare to stop their vehicles if necessary.

School Zone Sign

School Zone Sign 

This sign indicates that you are driving in a school zone, and children may be in the area. Upon seeing this sign, reduce your speed and be cautious of pedestrians.

Parking Signs

Parking signs indicate if and when you can park on a particular street. These allowances may change depending on the time, month, current construction, and many other factors, so it’s best to read these signs carefully.

Road Work Ahead Sign

Road Work Signs

Road work is a temporary condition sign indicating road repairs, maintenance or construction ahead. The sign warns drivers that there may be traffic changes, lane closures, reduced speed limits, uneven pavement, or other temporary road alterations.

Turning Signs

Turning signs instruct drivers on when and how they can make specific types of turns at intersections. For example, this can include no-right turns on red light signs. These signs play a crucial role in ensuring safe and orderly traffic flow, so it’s important to take note of them and act accordingly.

One Way Sign

One-Way Street Signs

This sign signifies a one-way road or street. It tells drivers that the traffic on that road only goes in one direction, which can help with traffic flow.

Do Not Enter Signs

This regulatory sign tells drivers that entry is not permitted beyond where the sign has been placed. Often, the road will be blocked with pylons or perimeter gates to further prevent drivers from entering.

Deer Crossing Sign

Deer Crossing Signs

Deer crossing signs notify drivers that they are in an area with increased deer activity, which means they are known to be close to or cross the road. If hit, deer can cause serious car accidents, so it’s crucial for drivers to proceed with caution after seeing this road sign.

Speed Limit Signs

These signs indicate the maximum legal speed permitted on a particular road. Speed limits may change depending on temporary condition signs, so drivers should be aware of these notifiers. 

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