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Trust FH Rowat Insurance Brokers to look after your home, auto, business and life insurance needs. We always guarantee fast, friendly service and highly competitive premiums. As brokers, we are entirely independent from Insurers and Financial Institutions; we will work with you to analyze and advise on risk, and customize the coverage that is right for you.
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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can be complicated. Our brokers are experts in all the current auto insurance regulations and legislation, and we will help you to get the protection you require by law. We also know that protecting yourself and your family with the right auto insurance is essential, and your insurance broker is one of the first people you rely on in the event of an accident. You can count on FH Rowat Insurance and our after hours claims service to be there to help when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Auto Insurance

Home Insurance

Your home is your largest investment, and you need the best protection you can get. FH Rowat Insurance has expertise in home, condo and tenant insurance. Call us today to review your current home insurance policy, and make sure you’re not under insured for things like contents or water damage. We can provide advice on how to set up the best insurance for your unique situation, and find the most competitive prices.
Home Insurance

Seasonal and Cottage Insurance

Your home away from home means a lot to you and your family, and it deserves to be fully protected to ensure peace of mind and worry free enjoyment for years to come. With brokers licensed in Ontario and Quebec, FH Rowat Insurance can protect your little piece of paradise in either province. Contact us to learn more about building a policy to best protect your seasonal or secondary home and save money by combining it with your primary home insurance policy.
Seasonal and Cottage Insurance

Registered Insurance Broker

What is a Registered Insurance Broker?

  • A registered insurance broker is an independent insurance professional, and in Ontario, are governed by the Registered Insurance Brokers Act of Ontario. Brokers sell general insurance including coverage for home, business, automobile, farm, boat, ATV, life, etc.
  • They are well versed on various insurance products available, and can offer several choices from a variety of insurance providers. They are not affiliated with insurance companies or financial institutions and can offer independent, non-biased advice.
  • Brokers represent your best interests when negotiating a contract with an insurance provider.
  • Unlike an agent, an insurance broker does not work directly for an insurance company or financial institution. Brokers act as an intermediary between an insurance provider and the client.

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Prepping Your Home for Summer Vacation

It can be exciting to bring your family out for some fun in the sun or a summer road trip, but don’t think that the accommodation, itinerary, and luggage are all you have to worry about. Your home can face some major trouble while you’re away, and making the right preparations before you head out can save you from some big problems when you get back. Prep your home for summer vacation and give yourself some peace of mind while you get away from it all by taking these safety tips into consideration. Burglars and Break-Ins A house that’s without a homeowner is practically catnip to potential burglars. Make sure you keep your property safe from sticky fingers by making it seem like there’s someone living in it. Ask neighbours to cut your grass and collect your mail, set lights to turn on during night time, lock gates, windows, and doors, and make sure you secure valuables in a safe place hidden from view. Steer Clear of Damage You never know when an accident might hit you, and it just might happen while you’re away. We’ve all heard horror stories of neighbours who have returned home to a flood due to a burst pipe or leaky faucet. Prevent any property damages by ensuring that cracks and leaks are properly resolved, arrange for services or neighbours to remove snow and maintain your lawn, and shut off all utilities such as water and electricity before you go. Keep a List Just as an extra safety measure, take photos of your home before you leave for vacation. Highlight the most valuable items...

Avoid Dangerous Distractions While Driving

Distracted driving kills hundreds of thousands of people each year, and the worst part is that an overwhelming majority of these accidents are avoidable. Having screaming children in the backseat is a distraction that you can’t easily avoid. However, checking your phone, or manually changing the settings on your music or GPS are dangerous distractions that should be utterly avoided while operating a vehicle. Being stopped by the police for distracted driving – or worse, if you get in an accident – will likely lead to demerit points, a hefty fine, and an increase in auto insurance premiums. Here are some of the top distractions drivers fall prey to and ways to avoid them: Put The Phone Away There are a number of researchers that believe that looking at your phone – even for just a second or two – while driving produces the same level of distraction as drunk driving. Every single year there are higher and higher rates of deaths caused by drivers distracted by their phones, especially in the younger demographics. Prevent being enticed by your phone by putting it on silent, away from view while you drive. If you receive an important call, either use hands-free or safely find somewhere to pull over park and call them back. Use Audio Command Options and Pre-Set Your GPS Most modern vehicles offer options to provide audio commands to change music, make calls, and even set the GPS. Fiddling with your GPS and other controls while driving is just as bad as being on your phone. To avoid distractions from your GPS, enter your destination(s) while you are...

3 Surprising Factors that Can Affect Your Home Insurance

Among the many important life choices you’re ever going to make, purchasing a house is likely your greatest investment. So much time, effort and money goes into building the perfect house, somewhere you can relax and truly feel at home. Naturally, you want to make sure that this beautiful place you’ve put so much time and care into created is adequately protect by a home insurance plan that will cover your costs in the event of an accident or environmental damage. It is a given that the value of your home plays a big role in determining your insurance premiums, however, many homeowners don’t realize that there are also a multitude of other factors that can affect home insurance premiums. Here are three common factors that affect your home insurance premiums that you may not have realized: Trampolines, Treehouses, Swimming Pools You’re probably thinking that this is a strange collection of personal property items which may have nothing to do with one another. Probably you’d file them under recreational investments. The legal system, however, calls them ‘attractive nuisances’. These are items located on your property that commonly attract the attention of children and that could cause them injury. While the child would have to trespass on your property to get himself/herself injured in the first place, you will likely still be held accountable should there be any accidents. As a result, the cost of personal liability in your home insurance plan increases with every addition of an ‘attractive nuisance’ on your property. Other examples include abandoned vehicles, discarded building materials, etc. The Breed of Your Pet Dog Dogs are...