Mansfield, QC

175A Ch de la Chute
Mansfield, QC J0X 1V0
tel: (819) 683-1644
fax: (819) 683-1646

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Find us in the Pontiac region

Rowat Insurance is here for you. We’re conveniently located in Mansfield, Quebec, just off Chemin de la Chute, which can be accessed directly from Highway 148. Situated in the Pontiac Regional County Municipality of western Quebec, this Ottawa River-hugging area is home to nearly 2,500 residents, each of which deserves optimal protection from unthinkable scenarios. This is particularly important in a rural area where it can be more difficult to secure adequate insurance coverage.

The Rowat Insurance team can assist you with a wide array of insurance policies. Regardless of whether you own a cottage along the river, live in Mansfield year-round, operate a local business, or are looking to protect your vehicle, we can provide comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage in the event of an accident or mishap. Rowat Insurance has been active in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec since 1955, and we work closely with Canadian home and business owners to provide insurance plans that deliver the most appropriate amount of financial protection.

Our Home and Cottage Insurance plans are customizable to suit the needs of your home, property and loved ones. In the event of an accident or injury behind the wheel or as a passenger, our Automotive Insurance policies can minimize frustrations and maximize compensation. Our Commercial options are finetuned to protect business owners, their investments, employees, and customers. We also offer Life and Health Insurance plans in addition to professional retirement advice to provide absolute peace of mind and comfort.

The first step towards securing insurance protection from us begins when you fill out an online questionnaire. Depending on the nature of your responses, different policies and quotes may be suggested that are tailored to your specific insurance-related needs. With this detailed new information now available to you, the decision is yours whether to contact us and speak with one of our insurance professionals to begin the enrollment process.

Combined with the online questionnaires and custom-tailored plans, you’ll receive attentive and considerate coverage that meets or exceeds your needs. Rest easy in knowing that, with Rowat Insurance, you won’t be surprised with unwanted fees or expenses – with us, what you see is what you receive. If you live or work in the Mansfield area, contact us today for optimal insurance coverage. We can assure you of absolute peace of mind, and it’s never been easier to secure your future financial stability.